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In a website report outlines that ellagic acid may slow the development of some cancerous cells. While this is encouraging, at the moment, there is no consistant reserach attainable from human scientific research proving that ellagic acid can be an alternative treatment for cancer.

More medical analysis is needed to discover what benefits it may have. Ellagic acid seems to have some particular anti-cancer properties. It can clearly act as an anti-oxidant, and has been found, in several instances, to cause cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells in laboratory experiments.

In other laboratory studies, ellagic acid seems to reduce the effect of estrogen hormone in women in promoting growth of breast cancer cells in tissue cultures. There are also other reports thatellagic acid may help the liver to break down or remove some cancer-causing substances from the blood. In addition the ACS states that ellagic acid "may reduce birth defects" and promote wound healing.

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The best Ellagic Acid source is derived from  Meeker Red raspberries!

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Meeker Red Raspberry seeds flour is the finest extract of Ellagic acid. EllagicDirect.com obtains only the Meeker genome of red raspberry seed powder extract to make 100% pure Ellagic Acid professional formulation in 1000mg tablets.

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Our Meeker red raspberry formula is manufactured under CGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified by the NNFA (United States National Nutritional Food Association). The manufacturing process is subject to stringent quality control standards.

Red raspberries contain Ellagitannins, which upon human consuption, are broken down into Ellagic Acid.

Beware of claims of "percentage of Ellagic Acid content", this is impossible and it is only the ellagitannin content that is relevant.

Experts in the business, confirm that the Meeker raspberry gold is the best source available. But even the Meeker raspberry does not produce any direct ellagic acid content. It is the ellagitannin content that is important, and this is converted into ellagic acid upon consumption.

Our leading brand uses the latest technology to extract the maximum amount of ellagitannin from a given amount of raspberry seeds flour, few others have access to these sophisticated techniques.

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Some companies, all over  the Internet, claim misleading high figures of Ellagic Acid content in their products. Sadly, they are quoting the percentage of raspberry pulp and, in some cases, synthetic ellagic acid is added to the "mix"; this is not only highly misleading but also illegal. All the above is irrelevant to the effectiveness of the product because the highest yield of Ellagitannin is found in the seeds of the fruit.

Some quote high figures where the content is added to, in order to raise the percentage of ellagitannin to what they want to claim.

Our product has remarkably high levels of potent polyphenols antioxidants that can help protect the body from free radicals causing cell-damage. This is good science!


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Eating berries or other natural sources of ellagic acid is generally considered safe for those who are not allergic to them. These foods should be part of a balanced diet that includes several servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Ellagic acid is available in supplement form. Some reports indicate it may affect certain enzymes in the liver, which could alter levels of some drugs in the body. For this reason, people taking medicines or other dietary supplements should talk with their doctors or pharmacists about all their medicines and supplements before taking ellagic acid.

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